We treat

Diabetes and Dysglycemia

If you have issues with blood sugar, we can most likely help you.  Let’s review some of the different conditions:

Type 1 diabetes:

  • Autoimmune
  • Usually starts in childhood
  • Non-curable, but treatment can help
  • Most patients are thin
  • High blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes:

  • Usually starts as adult
  • Most patients are overweight
  • Sometimes reversible
  • Usually secondary to poor diet and inactivity
  • High blood sugar

Prediabetes: The stage between normal and Type 2 diabetes. This can and should be reversed with diet/exercise and sometimes supplements.

Hypoglycemia: Consistent low blood sugar. Usually reversible with diet and supplements.

Subclinical Hypoglycemia: Stage between normal and hypoglycemia. Always reversible with diet change and sometimes supplements.

Dysglycemia: Fluctuations between high and low blood sugar. Usually reversible with diet and exercises.

Here’s what to do to become a patient at our clinic and start care:

Fill out the paperwork. It typically takes about 1 hour.  You can download the forms from our website or come to our clinic for a packet of paper.  What we will need:

    1. Welcome form
    2. Neurotransmitter Assessment Form
    3. Brain Region Localization Form
    4. Metabolic Assessment Form
    5. Bring any blood work that’s less than 12 months

Dr. McKenzie will review all of this and possibly order additional labs.

After all the information is collected, he will schedule you a 30 min. appointment to review all the data and help you develop a strategic solution.

Cost is $168