We treat

Cardiovascular Problems

Vascular disease is the #1 killer worldwide.  85% of deaths are from heart attack and 15% stroke.  Our goal for our patients is to eliminate all the risk factors in developing cardiovascular problems.

How to become a patient?

Fill our all the paperwork:

  1. Welcome form
  2. NTAF form
  3. Metabolic Assessment form
  4. Brain Region localization form

2.)We need a list of all prescription meds and supplements

  • Bring any cardiovascular test results previously performed
  • Bring any blood work that is within 1 year.
    There are 3 vascular screens that are ideal:
    • Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scan
    • Blood pressure and pulse
    • Routine blood work:
      • lipid panel
      • lipid particle size
      • Homocysteine
      • CRP
      • Ferritin
      • Oxidized LDL
      • MMP-9
      • Apolipoproteins, & A-1, B
      • Adiponectin
      • HI pylori breath test
      • TMAO
      • RBC magnesium
      • 25-hydroxy-D
      • Fibrinogen levels
      • Cortisol