Chiropractic Neurology

This is a specialty that chiropractors can pursue. It is an additional three years of clinical training that studies the brain and spinal cord, brain stem and all of the peripheral nerves and the entire nervous system.

Areas of study include neuroendocrinology (how the nervous system and hormones are interconnected), neurocardiology (how the cardiovascular system and nervous system are interconnected,)neuroimmunology (how the immune system and nervous system are interconnected), movement disorders (Parkinson’s Disease, restless leg disorder, abnormal gait, tremors, etc.), dizziness/vertigo, neurodevelopment delays (children/adults with special needs), learning disorders (ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, etc.), mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.), chronic pain disorders, concussion, emotional disorders and memory disorders.

Evaluate with
an exam.

This goal is to evaluate with the exam, paperwork and lab tests, and sometimes imaging studies, to collect information.

During the exam, we will try to figure out which pathways aren’t working as well or what neuronal tissue have lost their function and try to drive those pathways to change a patient’s outcome.

Treatment may involve brain exercises, spinal or extremity manipulation to create sensory tricks to wake up what isn’t working.

After this, our goal is to create neuroplastisity to change function long-term.